Our Classified Systems

EverRoof® systems have been tested to BS and EU fire and wind standards for flat roofing which explains our systems capacity to resist penetration by fire and its spread of flame characteristics.

Our systems are suitable for all flat roofing especially warm, cold and inverted roof systems.

Our flat roof systems create good vertical drainage through the grass surface, ensuring the grass does not lay in slow or pooling
water and additionally, does not hinder horizontal flow.

Our Wind & Fire rated Systems

EVR-1: 3 Part system

Wonder Yarn 36mm

ForceField 30mm Foam

Ever Drain 12 or 25mm

EVR-2: GRP System

Wonder Yarn 36mm

ForceField 30mm Foam

GRP Grating

Adjustable Pedestal

EVR-3: Paving system

Wonder Yarn 36mm

ForceField 30mm Foam

50mm Concrete Paving

Adjustable Pedestal

EVR-4 Stone system

Wonder Yarn 36mm


6mm to Dust Granite

Aggregate Base


You may note that there is reference to ply board in our fire certification, as the system is installed upon multiple surfaces it was decided that we use a worst case scenario to simulate installation directly onto a waterproof base (Warm Roof) or an inverted roof on to insulation etc, all of which will have the correct fire classification for the system, therefor the ply should not be considered as a part of the system. We advise that all relevant departments i.e. fire, design, insurance and building control inspect our fire credentials for assessment prior to proceeding.

Please ensure the waterproofing our system will be going on top if has its Broof(T4) classification.

Additional Requirement: Pebble Margin

EverRoof® systems must have a minimum 250mm wide 20kg per linear meter pebble margin to provide anchorage.

  1. 250mm Pebble Margin
  2. Void Former
  3. Pebble Base Layer

Note: Where the FFL (Finished Floor Level), i.e. Grass or Paving depth exceeds 150-200mm, a void former is used as not to overload the margin

System & Warranty Information

Along with providing the only classified artificial green roof systems on the market, EverRoof ® offer genuine warranties, giving you peace of mind. We offer a six year warranty on our products, and a two year installation warranty on EverRoof® projects. 

Full data sheets are available for each system upon request.

EverRoof® systems require our specialist infill.

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