EVR-2: GRP System

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General Information

EVR 2 is used where the roof requires additional build-up for level transitions and level floor finishes. This system is suited for both straight and especially curved designs.

This system provides excellent vertical drainage and allows adjustment of the deck to desired levels. Approximate dry weight is 40kgs/m². This includes 10kgs/m² of recycled glass sand infill in the grass surface to provide secondary anchorage. When installed on an inverted roof, an aggregate layer should be in place as part of the waterproofing system to provide the recommended 80kgs/m² for inverted roofs. The EverRoof® system has a weight loading of approximately 40kgs/m². This means a minimum of 40kgs/m² ballast should be in place to provide the total of 80kgs/m² required. Ballast ensures the insulation does not have uplift issues where build-up of water between the waterproofing and insulation creates lift. Additionally, ballast provides anchorage against wind uplift and negative pressure and provides a fire break.

A 250mm aggregate margin is required using 30-50mm Scottish pebbles. This is part of the wind tests requirement. This can be incorporated as a visual margin to all sides or alternatively be installed as a hidden margin detail. This detail is installed to the underside of the GRP grating or to the underside of secondary transitions. A void of a minimum of 100mm is required for this. Where there is an issue with build-up heights EVR 2 38x38mm GRP grating can be used where aggregates can be installed through the GRP grating.

Where finished levels have a limited build up height, a plastic Buzon pedestal maybe required to achieve levels. It should be noted that all of our systems including the use of Buzon plastic pedestals have achieved Broof(t4) fire classifications. When using a plastic pedestal, a FR fire disc must be installed to the top of the pedestal.

Play Equipment: All play equipment should be installed onto a concrete plinth set at 40mm below FFL. This allows the GRP grating to butt into the straight edge of the plinth and allows the 30mm Forcefield Foam to run from the grating and over the concrete plinth.

System Layers

EVR-2 Micromesh System

Wonder Yarn 36mm

Wonder Yarn represents the future of artificial grass, taking its name from the exclusive W shaped green blades of yarn which give the product a robust yet real look.

Forcefield Foam 30mm

30mm shock absorbing foam with a fire retardant filter fleece top. Meets EN ISO 12616 Water infiltration rate of 20000 mm·h−1

38mm GRP Panel

A 38mm resin moulded GRP grating panel. Up to 50% lighter than steel at 18.6kg per m2 and compliant with national and internationally recognised standards.


A fully adjustable pesestal made from 80% recycled and 100% recyclable polypropylene with a woven roving fabric top for additional heat protection. Supports loads in excess of 1000 kg per pedestal.

System Projects

Our EVR-2 system has been used on the following projects.

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