EVR-1: Three Part System

Product Information

General Information

EVR 1 is installed onto flat roof and podium areas to standard 1:60 – 1:80 falls, where additional build up is not required. This system is not suitable for inverted roofs.

System height is approximately 78mm when using 12mm EverDrain and the grass has a crush factor of a minimum 50% reducing total height to 60mm when stood upon, before recovery. When using the 25mm EverDrain total height is 91mm reducing to 73mm with crush factor before recovery to 91mm. EverDrain has an integrated separation layer/filter fleece to the top and underside of the product, this acts as a separation layer between the waterproofing and the EverDrain.

EVR 1 is loose laid where no fixture is permitted. To anchor the system against wind uplift and negative pressure the surface is sand dressed at a minimum of 10kgs/m². To provide additional perimeter anchorage a 250mm aggregate margin is required using 30-50mm Scottish pebbles at a minimum of 20kg / linear metre. This forms part of the wind test requirements.

For pedestrian transitions, we recommend pebbles are capped with a resin bound stone capping (no loose pebbles).

System Layers

EVR-1 Three Part System

Wonder Yarn 36mm

Wonder Yarn represents the future of artificial grass, taking its name from the exclusive W shaped green blades of yarn which give the product a robust yet real look.

Forcefield Foam 30mm

30mm shock absorbing foam with a fire retardant filter fleece top. Meets EN ISO 12616 Water infiltration rate of 20000 mm·h−1

Ever Drain 12 or 25mm

A rodent-proof and shock absorbing cuspated drainage layer made from extruded polypropylene with integrated filter fleece.

System Projects

Our EVR-1 system has been used on the following projects.

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