Tougher Measures to Hold Manufacturers to Account


Safety and fitness for purpose are the driving forces within our product development, training and specification regimes. Alarmingly, we still witness the end results of contractors who knowingly cut corners, installing non-tested systems and products just to cut costs, with little to no consideration of the potential safety risks and consequences for occupants and visitors.

As a business, we have invested heavily in the development of the only fire and wind classified artificial green roof system on the market today. Our EverRoof® artificial green roof system provides regulatory assurances to the Building Inspectorate, fire and safety officers and housing managers. The EverRoof® products and system have been tested and classified to BS and EU fire standards specifically for flat roofing and wind speed tested to 100mph. Every EverRoof® product installed on flat roofs by professional, classified installers has been developed and rigorously tested with fitness for purpose (an external fitted layer affixed on a flat roof), safety (BROOF(t4)) and all relevant fire and wind classifications in mind.

As a leading supplier of products used within the built environment, we continue to follow the commentary and ongoing investigations into building regulations and the setting of rigorous safety standards in the wake of the Grenfell tower block fire of 2017.

Today’s Daily Mail article (19th January 2021, By Simon Walters) highlights the importance of much closer enforcement in this field, with the Construction Products Regulator (CPR) stepping in to track down and hold to account those suppliers who profit from the use of sub-standard, inferior materials in the construction industry whilst others potentially pay with the highest of all costs: their lives.

We commend the Government for acknowledging this and acting upon it with these tougher measures, stricter policing and the potential to exert new powers of criminal prosecution.

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