Maintaining System Integrity

As material prices soar and costs rocket across every element in every building project, never has it been more important to maintain the strongest system integrity. Without it, a building’s safety may be compromised. Cutting corners and engineering value from a roofing system opens a dangerous set of floodgates, particularly in the realms of fire classification.

This is why EverRoof, the UK’s pioneers in artificial green roof systems, have insisted that their systems undergo the most rigorous testing to gain BS and EU fire and wind classification – and are the first and only manufacturer to do so.

The risks of non-compliant artificial green roof systems

If you skimp on the installation or tweak any part of the system, you risk non-compliance and invalid warranties and insurance. More importantly, you risk the safety of those within the building; homeowners, visitors and the public.

With the highest of fire classifications for a system’s installation on flat roofs, a true-to-spec, professionally installed EverRoof artificial green roof system validates your building insurance and meets the strict criteria laid down by building and fire safety officers. Without it, you have no such assurances.

A short-term monetary gain might have instant appeal, but rendering the building unsafe could have huge ramifications and serious long-term repercussions. Using inferior materials might give the same visual end result, but performance could differ drastically. Layer thickness, combustibility and the security of fixings – none can be meddled with without consequence.

Third Party Verification

EverRoof’s fire and wind classifications have been verified and certified by independent third-party testing organisations. If any part of your installed artificial green roof system deviates from its specification, the whole design and fire protection strategy is undermined. EverRoof works closely with its product development teams, clients, and supply chain to ensure all product component specifications are accurate and regularly assessed.

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